6.5xe Gallon Conical Fermenter

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The Minibrew® 6.5xe gallon fermenter

It gives me great pleasure to announce our new f6.5xe gallon fermenter.  We call it the e model.  This model replaces f6.5x.  What is new with the e model?  This is the 6th upgrade since we started making the f6.5 in 1998.  The yellow lid has been replaced with a threaded lid and red silicone o-ring for sealing.  The lid was designed specially for Minibrew® to match the female threads welded into the tank. Now you can screw on the lid and seal it with a simple twist of the wrist.  One hand is all it takes.    See below for a list of what is included with your order.

Want to step up your brewing to the next level? The Minibrew® affordable conical fermenter is the smart choice.  Positive dead yeast removal from the large 3/4 inch bottom valve eliminates bacteria risk.  Spray sanitizer on the valve, drain dead yeast into a small pan or coffee cup, close valve and spray again.  This is the ONLY risk free dead yeast removal method.  This is the method used by micro brewers.  

While you are at it, collect a small amount of light colored yeast for a starter to use with your next brew.  Don't take the infection risk of using a cup or jar that fastens to the bottom valve.  When the cup is replaced the air in the cup bubbles up through your wort infecting the live yeast plus you may have to dump the cup a few times to get all the yeast.  There is risk every time it is replaced.  

Our included 1/2 inch racking port valve is used for racking to a keg.  It is also used to gather a sample for specific gravity testing and tasting.  When the beer reaches target gravity, transfer to a cornelius keg with a 3/8 inch tube or use a bottling wand for filling bottles all from the racking port valve.  The 60 degree conical bottom assures you all dead yeast is below the racking port.  A closed transfer system is the best protection against infection.

Why the Minibrew® fermenter?

  • Arrives ready to brew.  Assemble, Clean, Sanitize, Fill, and Pitch.
  • Durable, Easy to clean, and less expensive than stainless steel.
  • All Stainless steel fittings, including racking port.
  • Compact design with our included all metal ridged stand.
  • Height is adjustable for upright or chest freezer.  
  • Save money on yeast by re-using your collected flocculated yeast.  30% of the flocculated yeast is alive for re-use.
  • 60 degree conical works best for a more complete flow of dead yeast to bottom valve. 
  • 6.5 gallon capacity leaves more than enough of head space for your 5 gallon batch.
  • Our fermenters are proudly made right here in the USA.
  • Our fermenters are the industry standard. 
  • Our fermenters are the real cylindro-conical tank.  Check it out!

    Whats included?

    1. The Minibrew Fermenter, is a durable tank with full 5/16 inch wall thickness, with a unique 60 degree conical bottom and cylindrical top The shape gives a more complete fermentation.
    2. Our rigid all metal stand. 

    3. Two stainless steel upgraded weld-less EZ Seal bulk head fittings.
    ◦ 1 x 3/4 Inch
    ◦ 1 x 1/2 inch
    4. Stainless steel valves and hex nipple fittings are included.
    ◦ 1 x 3/4 inch valve for filling, dumping trub, and harvesting live yeast
    ◦ 1x 1/2 inch valve for racking, tasting, and gravity testing.
    ◦ 1x nylon 1/2 by 3/8 barbs are included for connecting to a bottling line or keg filling tube
    5. NEW - Threaded lid and red o-ring top is easy to seal with one hand and a twist of the wrist.
    6. Airlock and cork.
    7. Assembly instructions.

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