False Bottom for the 6.5 Gallon Mash Lauter Tun (10.4375" in diameter)

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The False Bottom is the plastic filter screen that sits near the bottom of the 6.5 gallon mash lauter tun.  The False Bottom separates the grain husks and other matter from the sweet wort. The false bottom is supported by five bolts.  The are four evenly spaced around the edges with one one the middle.  The bolts are easy to screw into holes in the false bottom with nuts to secure in place.  The false bottom is 10.4375 inches in diameter.  It fits tight against the wall of they typical brew bucket just above the valve.  The Affordable Mash Lauter Tun is a less expensive way to start all grain brewing.  If you own a bucket buy the false bottom and Affordable Sparge Arm and you are in the all grain business business.  You can buy our lid with the hole for the sparge arm or drill your own.  Minibrew makes it easy to become an all grain brewer.  You'll be glad you did when you discover the new tastes.  Included are 5 three inch bolts and nuts.  The bolts protruding above the false bottom gives you a point where you should not stir below.  You never want to disturb the filtering effect of the gain bed next to false bottom.  The bolts also give you an easy pick up handle.